About Us

Our Vision and Beliefs

In creating IQ Global, we believe that every individual has a right to have access to accurate and precise information about their intellectual and personal characteristics, regardless of their cultural, academic, or professional background.

At IQ Global, we believe knowledge is a powerful tool that can help shape the lives of individuals and our communities for the better.

Mission and Approach

We strive to be one of the best online sources to measure a wide range of dimensions of intelligence and emotional/social learning skills, as well as knowledge of various subjects.

Our tests are designed to measure a wide range of cognitive domains and the crucial skills of problem-solving, reasoning, and memory retention.

Future Commitment and Innovation

We want to give our test-takers the tools and information they need to continue their journey to unlock their full potential.

At IQ Global, we will continue to create new tests and services that remain objective and valid despite the ever-changing nature of cognitive abilities and the environment.

We look forward to helping individuals develop their intellectual capacities and provide the support that they deserve.


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