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Our IQ test and games train you in various aspects regarding to intelligence. However, being part of the Mensa Group is not a piece of cake. If you do plan on finding out my score IQ by testing, this is a great place to start. Unlike other sites, our IQ test app does not only judge you based on your memory. We have a spatial and logic reasoning based preparatory exams that can lead you to Mensa.

But, another thing to keep in mind is that some of the IQ tests hard enough to let you down. But that’s exactly why our Spatial IQ Test will prepare you for all the steps. Only 2% of the test-takers pass the criteria set by the organization of Mensa. Apart from all the curiosity to know if you’re the next Sheldon Cooper, playing these IQ test games can be a great way to exercise your brain. Just like any other part of your body, our brains need to be tested every once in a while and our different parts of the step can do it right!

Now, since you’re not preparing for any typical maths or college entrance test, you should start with all the basics. Well, most people would say that you should be great at science and maths but that’s not always true. Some of the world’s geniuses often failed at school tests as they were not designed for every different mind.

You can start by downloading our IQ Test App that guides you throughout the entire process. There are all kinds of challenges and puzzles. If you want to put your screen time to good use, checking out these IQ test games will benefit you. Just like any other simulation or acade games you play on your phones, some of the best IQ test apps will become just as fun.

Forget brain puzzles and sudoku, these IQ test games will have you be a part of the Mensa group within no time. You start by learning geometry, logic and spatial reasoning and testing your memory with all the questions. Once, you’re familiar with the type of IQ test you will be taking, practice makes perfect. So, go ahead and download any of the best IQ test apps.

We all know how kids are glued to their phones these days and how much attention they can pay to their games. So, yes, any of these IQ test games will help because once your attention is all focused on getting through all the levels of various challenges, you’ll be wanting more. It’s way better for kids to try spatial reasoning tests, instead of another arcade game.

You will begin to notice the difference in your reasoning skills and memory because like we said, these IQ tests aren’t just for fun. If you’re serious about filling in all the Mensa IQ requirements, these games will be a headstart for you. Some of the games will make you play with your imagination and see what scenarios or survival plans you come up with. All this innovative type of challenges won’t be boring for your kids. So, no more trying to run away from home work because get to playing these IQ test games.

There are usually three to four parts of such an IQ test that cover all ways of measuring your intelligence. First off, there are test based on your visual reasoning and imagination skills. You will be asked to come up with geometrical shapes and assemble them in unique ways. Next up, the spatial testing part will require you to use your skills to picture structures in different dimensions.

Lastly, the IQ test game will test all your technical abilities. See how you would react and how quick your instincts are.

Most IQ tests only focus on brain puzzles and memory but the Spatial Reasoning test is different from all. It takes things up a notch to see how fast your imagination works. For instance, you will have different shapes in front of you, now your job would be to imagine them in 3D and fit them to create a new structure. All this sounds futuristic but that’s why Spatial IQ test is the ideal way to join the Mensa group.

There are many of the best IQ test apps that we have listed on our platform. You can try a few of them and see if you can complete all the challenges. These smart-phone supported IQ test apps include spatial reasoning practice tests as well. So, pick the one that looks the most exciting to you.

There’s no right way to guess but we have provided a guide on the different parts of the test and which questions might be thrown at you. Such as questions that require you to act swiftly and morph different structures into others.

Some questions will require deep thinking and some would be more hands on. Don’t forget you will be tested based on all types of intelligence. When you try some of the best IQ test apps, you can find IQ test questions with answers pdf form, available to everyone.

No, as of right now, all these IQ test apps are completely free for sign-up and anyone can test out their intelligence as part of a dare or mental exercise. These best IQ test apps are made for your advantage so it’s about time you go for it. Don’t worry about diving into a new territory because you can check out articles about these Spatial IQ tests. All the information is available for you!


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